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  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Style: 3/4″ (2-lug) Hose End Barbed
  • Connector Type: Coupling
  • Max Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Never use Crowfoot couplings for steam service

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Universal Chicago hose coupling. This fitting is used to connect air lines from compressors or other air sources to all types of pneumatic tools and equipment. All 2-lug head connections are of one size for easy switch-out. Hose shank or threaded end is coupling size. Made of carbon steel and contains a nitrile rubber seal. These crowfoot fittings are also known as Universal Couplings.

Chicago-style universal hose couplings are predominantly utilized for air and water applications, but not steam. There is no male or female head in this configuration. A safety clip is recommended to prevent accidental disconnections.

We offer other 2-lug and 4-lug Male NPT & Female NPT carbon steel Crowfoot Fittings. Universal couplings are sealed by pressing together and twisting a quarter turn. Universal hose couplings connect pneumatic and hoses to compressed air supplies.

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