Koshin Water & Trash Pump Suction Discharge Hose Kits

Koshin brand is durable and economical. Available in 2 inch and 3 inch suction hose diameter.

  • Koshin Trash Pump Intake Suction and Discharge Hose Kit -LOCAL PICKUP ONLY- $915.02
  • Koshin Water Pump Intake Suction and Discharge Hose Kit -LOCAL PICKUP ONLY- $464.03
  • Water and Trash Pump Hose Fittings

    We carry aluminum and plastic (polypropylene) fittings for trash and water pumps. Select your preferred material below.

    Plastic Pump Hose Fittings

    We offer plastic (polypropylene) water pump suction hose fittings you can only find here. Our low prices on plastic quick connect fittings cannot be beat. We have safety pins and stainless steel clamps to secure the fittings.


    Aluminum Pump Hose Fittings

    We have a full line of durable aluminum suction hose couplings for water pumps. We have basket strainers and KC Fittings too. Shop by type and choose the connector size you need.


    Koshin Water and Trash Pumps

    These are standalone water and trash pumps by Koshin.

  • Koshin High-Pressure Water Pumps (Honda Engine) $539.99
  • Koshin High-Pressure Trash Pumps (Honda Engine) $799.99
  • Pump Suction Discharge Hose and Fitting Kits

    If you already have a pump and just need hose and fittings, we have preassembled PVC Water and Trash Pump Intake Hose kits custom to order. We include trash basket strainers and KC fittings for those. Our customers love our preassembled PVC suction and discharge hose and kits that come in 20 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft and many more lengths. We offer flexible green suction hose in 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch, 3 inch, and 6 inch diameter. We specialize in pump suction hose & quick connect fittings.

    pump suction intake hose and fittings kit

    Water and Trash Suction Pump Accessories

    These are trash and water basket strainers, hose mender, replacement hose, clamps and safety pins.

  • Trash Pump Intake Suction Hose Basket Strainer $12.43
  • Water Pump Intake Suction Hose Basket Strainer $12.43
  • King Combination (KC) Nipple Fitting $4.42
  • Camlock Repair Coupling – Hose Mender $4.42
  • Safety Lockpin Clips (Hitch Clips) $.15
  • Stainless Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamps $.35
  • Whip Check Safety Cables $1.15
  • Replacement Nitrile Rubber Gaskets | Cam and Groove Fittings $0.70
  • PVC Water Pump Suction Hose – Green $1.14
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    Pump Hose and Fitting FAQ

    We have the answers to your questions regarding pump suction hose fittings.

    What is suction hose used for?

    PVC intake suction hoses are used to transfer fluids or slurries from one area to another, normally by means of a pump.

    How does a suction hose work?

    A suction hose is connected to a pump on one end while the other end is placed in the area needing to be emptied.

    The pump pulls a vacuum on the hose which in turn causes the product to fill the hose to replace the vacuum with the product being removed.

    How many types of suction hoses are there?

    Almost any hose can be used as a suction hose as long as there are no leaks in the hose and the hose is firm enough to not collapse, such as a lay flat discharge hose.

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