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Aluminum Camlock Fittings

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  • Type A – Aluminum Male Camlock X Female NPT $3.16
  • Type B – Aluminum Female Camlock X Male NPT $8.15
  • Type C – Aluminum Female Camlock X Hose Shank $6.44
  • Type D – Aluminum Female Camlock X Female NPT $3.82
  • Type DC – Aluminum Female Camlock Dust Cap Attachment $7.61
  • Type DP – Aluminum Male Camlock Dust Plug Attachment $2.96
  • Type E – Aluminum Male Camlock X Hose Shank $4.43
  • Type F – Aluminum Male Camlock X Male NPT $4.86
  • Polypropylene (Plastic) Camlock Fittings

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  • Type A – Polypropylene Male Camlock X Female NPT $1.2
  • Type B – Polypropylene Female Camlock X Male NPT $6.67
  • Type C – Polypropylene Female Camlock X Hose Shank $6.84
  • Type D – Polypropylene Female Camlock X Female NPT $6.81
  • Type DC – Polypropylene Female Camlock Dust Cap Attachment $6.64
  • Type DP – Polypropylene Male Camlock Dust Plug Attachment $0.91
  • Type E – Polypropylene Male Camlock X Hose Shank $1.26
  • Type F – Polypropylene Male Camlock X Male NPT $1.23
  • Hose & Camlock Kits

    We have preassembled hose & fitting kits custom to order.

  • Trash and Water Pump Suction Hose And Camlock Fittings Kit $48.02
  • Lay Flat Discharge Hose and Camlock Couplings Kit- Blue $34.73
  • Hose & Camlock Kits

    Our customers love our preassembled hose and fitting kits. We specialize in lay flat discharge kits for drainage jobs and intake pump suction kits.


    Plastic Camlocks

    We are proud to offer lightweight, industry-grade, polypropylene cam and groove couplings here at Action Hose and Fittings. Shop and save now.


    Aluminum Camlocks

    We have a full line of durable aluminum cam and groove couplings. Shop by type and choose the size you need. We also have reducers to match any size.


    Camlock Hose & Coupling Accessories

    We have replacement handles, rubber gaskets, basket strainers, locking clamps and pins.

  • Replacement Camlock Arms w/ Safety Pin $4.42
  • Replacement Nitrile Rubber Gaskets | Cam and Groove Fittings $0.7
  • Galvanized Steel Preformed Center Punch Clamps $0.52
  • Clamp Banding Hand Tools $115.5
  • Whip Check Safety Cables $0.71
  • Stainless Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamps $0.35
  • Safety Lockpin Clips (Hitch Clips) $0.15
  • Camlock Repair Coupling – Hose Mender $4.42
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    How Do Camlock Fittings Work?

    How Do Camlock Fittings Work?

    December 12, 2022

    How Do Camlock Fittings Work? In our last post in which we laid out the Camlock Fitting Types Chart, we defined a camlock fitting as a two-part assembly consisting of a male adapter and female coupler which form a “cam and groove coupling”. The couplers contain handles/arms and a rubber gasket that couple the adapter … Read More

    Camlock Fitting Types Explained

    Camlock Fitting Types Explained

    August 13, 2022

    Camlock Fitting Types Explained What is a camlock fitting? A camlock fitting (aka cam & groove coupling) is a tubular contraption with male or female threading, used to connect two hoses, a pump or pipes together so that the medium from one can be transferred through the other. Action Hose & Fittings offers universal types … Read More

    Camlock Coupling FAQ

    We have the answers to your questions regarding camlock hose fittings.

    What are camlock fittings used for?

    Camlocks (cam and groove) provide a simple and reliable way to connect and disconnect two hoses or pipes together quickly and can be used repeatedly. This will eliminate the use of threaded connections and the continuous problems caused by damaged threads. They are great for transferring dry and fluid materials, such as water, fuel, or sand slurry.

    Camlock fittings are commonly used in the agricultural and chemical industry because they are resistant to acids and work well as hose connectors for irrigation, chemicals, and farming spraying needs. In the oil-based industries, camlocks are great to deliver petroleum to service stations (via pump trucks) and refining plants (via pipelines). Specialized industries will use camlocks for pump connections since they are often used at the inlet and outlet connections.

    What jobs are aluminum camlock fittings for?

    Aluminum camlocks are best used with water, petroleum, and sand slurry. Agriculture and various other industries will use aluminum camlocks for this reason. Learn more about camlock fittings sizes and how they are sealed and measured in our blog post.

    What jobs are polypropylene pvc plastic camlock fittings for?

    Polypropylene cam and groove couplings can be used with most strong chemicals and solvents, agricultural acids, fertilizers, and other acids. Chemical industries prefer a polypropylene fitting because of its resistance in handling harsh chemicals, though they are not as strong as metal camlocks.

    How do camlock fittings work?

    A camlock fitting is made up of an adapter, coupler, and an assembly made up of handles, rings, pins, and safety lock pins that are used to connect and disconnect hoses to other hoses, pumps, tanks, and equipment.

    No Tools are required to connect and disconnect two halves of the coupling together and can be used repeatedly.

    1. To secure a camlock fitting, make sure the handles, or camlock arms, are extended before inserting the camlock adapter into the coupler.
    2. Rotate the cam into a groove by using the handles on the side of the male or female fitting. This is why they are also called "cam and groove couplings".
    3. Once the adapter meets the rubber gasket you may press the camlock handles down to secure its connection.
    How are camlock fittings measured?

    Most camlock fittings are measured in inches using the National Pipe Thread (NPT) size or the hose Inside Diameter (ID). However, there are camlock adaptors that connect one size hose to a different size hose or vessel but are measured in the same manner.

    How do you calculate coupling size?

    Usually to calculate what cam and groove coupling size to use depends on the size of hose you are using, however some camlock adapters can connect one size hose to a different size hose or vessel. Camlock fittings are sized to fit a standard Nation Pipe Thread (NPT) measurement (Example: 1 inch camlock fittings, 2 inch, or 3 inch).

    Camlock fittings with a male end are specifically sized to slip in the Inside Diameter (ID) of a hose. Example: A hose with a 2-inch Inside Diameter (ID) can be paired with a 2-inch camlock fitting. If you are going to join two 2-inch hoses, you would use a 2-inch part C for one hose and a 2-inch part E for the other hose.

    Note: Every camlock fitting is stamped with its global type/part letter and size. Example: C200 means it is a 2-inch Part C or C300 means it is a 3-inch Part C.

    What is a cam and groove fitting?

    Cam and groove is another name for a camlock fitting. Cam and groove couplings are used to connect and disconnect hose to hose, pump, or tank. A variety of industries use cam and groove couplings to transfer materials in or out of one thing to another. camlock fittings chart for a more comprehensive overview of how camlocks are measured, fit and sealed

    Is a coupling a fitting?

    Yes, a coupling is a fitting. To further explain, it is when an adapter connects, or “couples”, with a coupler to connect or disconnect hose to hose, pump, tank, or some other piece of equipment (like a compressor or pump).

    What is a camlock adapter?

    A camlock adapter is a type of fitting typically used with a camlock coupler, and assembly like handle, rings, pins, and safety clips to form a camlock coupling.

    Adaptors are used to connect one size or type of hose/line to another hose/line that is a different size or type. Examples of a camlock adapter are Type/Part A, E, and F.

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