Quick Connect Crowfoot Fittings aka Chicago Style Air Fitting

We have male, female and barbed universal chicago style air fittings at the best prices.

  • Carbon Steel Chicago Hose Coupling $4.68
  • Female NPT Crowfoot Fitting | Chicago-Style Universal Hose Coupling $3.84
  • Male NPT Crowfoot Fitting | Chicago-Style Universal Hose Coupling $4.60
  • Air Hose & Fitting Accessories

    Air compressor hoses are available per foot, gaskets, clamps, and clamping tools

  • Galvanized Steel Preformed Center Punch Clamps $.52
  • Clamp Banding Hand Tools $166.32
  • Replacement Nitrile Rubber Gaskets | Universal Crowfoot Couplings $0.44
  • Plated Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamps $.42
  • Safety Lockpin Clips (Hitch Clips) $.18
  • ¾” Rubber Air Compressor Hose – 300 PSI $1.49
  • Gene Explains Crowfoot Fittings and Air Compressor Hose Connections

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    Crowfoot Fittings

    We have universal quick connect crowfoot fittings which are also called chicago couplings. Our low prices on air hose universal fittings cannot be beat.


    Air Compressor Hose Kit

    Our customers love our preassembled air hose and crowfoot couplings kits. We specialize in air hose kits for air tools and compressors.


    Air Hose Accessories

    We have replacement air hose, rubber gaskets, steel clamps and a clamping tool to complete your kit. Shop air hose and fitting accessories now.


    Air Compressor Hose and Crowfoot Fitting FAQ

    We have the answers to your questions regarding air compressor hose and fittings

    What are the different types of air hose fittings?

    There are two main types of air hose fittings.

    One is the crowfoot fitting also known as a Chicago coupling. The other is a quick connect or QC. The QC is the most common and is generally used to operate small tools and equipment.

    What is the standard air hose fitting size?

    Air hose quick connect fittings normally range in size from ¼ inch to 2 inch.

    What size air compressor hose should I get?

    The type and size of crowfoot chicago fittings vary according to the equipment it is being used on, and the required pressure and volume or air needed.

    Note: Volume is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) and pressure is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch.

    What is the most common air hose fitting?

    The QC (quick connect) is the most common type of air fitting but there are many variations such as the crowfoot or chicago couplings.

    What is a chicago fitting for air hoses?

    A chicago coupling is a twist lock style fitting and normally used where a large volume of air is required.

    How do chicago fittings work?

    There are three major variations of a Chicago coupling.

    One end of all three, has the claw or twist lock end. The other ends of the fitting are NPT male, NPT female, and barbed.

    The NPT male or female end is screwed on to the equipment, while the fitting with the barbed end is inserted into the hose and clamps are installed to hold the fitting inside the hose. At this point connect the hose fitting to the fitting on the machine by pushing the two ends together and twisting until the claws come in to contact with each other.

    To prevent the fittings from coming apart, install a safety pin through the small hole in the claw. 

    Chicago fitting vs crows foot?

    Crows foot or crowfoot are nicknames for a Chicago coupling due to their appearance and grasp.

    How do you connect a coupler to an air hose?

    To connect a coupler to the air hose, you need to insert the barbed end of the crowfoot fitting into the hose and clamp it with hose clamps.

    It is recommended that you use two clamps on each fitting to help prevent leaks and the hose from coming loose.

    How do you connect an air hose to an air compressor?

    To connect a hose to an air compressor, match the crowfoot on the hose to the one on the compressor and push them together and twist clockwise until the claws contact and lock into each other. Insert a safety pin into the small hole on the side of the claw.

    To connect a QC (Quick Connect)/ insert the male end into the female end and pull back on the spring loaded collar on the female fitting. Once the male end bottoms out into the female end relies the spring loaded collar.

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