Crowfoot Air Fittings

We have "chicago style" crowfoot quick connect universal fittings for your air tools. We have preassembled air compressor hose and crowfoot fittings kits.


Pump Suction & Discharge

We supply 2" and 3" trash or water pump suction hose & fittings kits. We have Honda and Koshin brand pumps with suction and discharge hose kits.


Camlock Reducer Adapters

We sell aluminum and plastic camlock fittings. We also carry aluminum camlock reducers to adapt any size hose and fitting to another size with ease.


Preassembled Hose and Fitting Kits

We specialize in water and trash pump suction hose kits, lay flat discharge hose and camlock coupling kits and air compressor hose and crowfoot "chicago style" fitting kits

  • Trash and Water Pump Suction Hose And Camlock Fittings Kit $40.02
  • Lay Flat Discharge Hose and Camlock Couplings Kit- Blue $34.41
  • Air Compressor Hose Kits $69.28
  • Koshin Trash and Water Pump Kits with Suction and Discharge Hose and Fittings

  • Koshin Water Pump Suction and Discharge Hose Kit -LOCAL PICKUP ONLY- $464.03
  • Koshin Trash Pump Suction and Discharge Hose Kit -LOCAL PICKUP ONLY- $915.02